Delivering Your Digital Marketing Blueprint Made Easy

You are looking for a way to deliver your digital marketing blueprint without all the hassles associated with setting up an e-commerce shop on a related topic.

Noticed, I just began selling software boxes on eBay for $30 per item. I am really not that technical and would like to learn as much as possible. It would also be nice if I could sell software online itself.

Since I have limited time resources and I am looking to get rich quick, it would be nice if I were to make some money selling digital downloads. HD บลูเรย์ The problem is – what if I was not an eBay genius? What if I couldn’t find the best way to monetize the software downloads and my e-commerce store would be a failure?

Enter: Digital Channel

When I first started my eBay business, I researched numerous ways that e-books could help me sell my products or services. However, eBay did not cover digital download merchandising. So, I did what thousands of e-book sellers have done – I looked for a company that would help me do my e-commerce and have it automate the process for me.

At that time however, very few companies offered any type of e-commerce solutions and when I did read reviews, they were of the impersonal variety. หลุดราชการ Their requests for a fee had me a little more doubtful; other than that, it felt like the reviews were blind adresses to companies who would just take my money and run.

But in late 2005, two genius programmers (ppa playing field and uncont Marriage) came together with a solution that changed my game. I mean, I thought I had found the best thing since sliced bread.

They offered me a full set of e-commerce marketing solutions and the best part was, they would not rip my trading partners off. They even showed me how to get my site to list for free in Google and how to improve my search engine ranking.

More importantly at that time I also discovered that my ultimate customer was the customer -not the merchant.No more swapping ads to get traffic and no more feeling like your competitors are just taking your traffic.

From the moment I joined and learned that WordPress has the capacity to monetize my blog, my business took off like circles in theland of e-commerce.

In this article however, I will only be giving you a couple of tips that may or may not fizzle out as you go down the digital marketing highway. หนังฮิต The rest of the resource is up to you – go grab it.

Automating Your Shopping Cart and Payment Refunds

What’s nice about the Digital Channel is you can send your customers straight to the checkout page.The challenge is you now have to deal with the refund and download issues along the way.

I often get questions on how I determine which download gets sent to my customer and I will give you a worked example in the notes section in the link below.

I will also give you the Contact Us form so that you can contact me should your customers want to know more about their products or services.

Making Your Digital Download E-Commerce

This is so easy you will jump for joy. เย็ดหีกระป๋อง The only hard part is I did not create it – simply because there is already software available that will deal with it for you.If you are into making your digital downloads look absolutely fabulous, I will give you a couple of suggestions on how to do it.

If you are selling hot sellers (ebooks) you can purchase the software which automatically converts them into digital download format and give you a professional look.

If you are selling software (websites), you can use a service like Uploadmagic to save a lot of time.

There is also an additional option that you can offer. You can automate the process as well. You can log in to your control panel and view the product details like:

  1. Which ones have already sold
  2. Which ones are left
  3. deliveries estimated
  4. Added/ refunded shipping
  5. Total cost

I know that this sounds pretty repetitive and it is. Why do I have to do this?

Sorry, it’s called the Digital channel Internet marketing system and it works.

Selling e-books at a national (example) level is tough and costly. Billions are spent to make it happen. As a small business owner, I spend billions of dollars that I know I can get back by selling my digital downloads over the Internet. หนังxVip Not only does this save me money, it’s also a win/win for both of us: you save money on shipping costs (simply by the power of the Internet) while I save money on collecting refunds – which are much easier than a traditional computer software purchase.